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What’s old is new could never be more true. Ancient Romans were prolific glass makers and ancient Roman glass was produced throughout the Roman Empire for vessels, mosaic tiles, and windows. Today, ancient Roman glass is most commonly found in Israel and other Mediterranean countries. Time and nature have worn and colorized these archeological treasures that can be found in gorgeous iridescent creamy shimmers of light blues, light greens, aquas, whites, and pinks. Our Ancient Roman Glass Jewelry is made from captivating, Roman glass with sterling silver hand-crafted settings, and certified authentic.

Antheia Floral Oval Roman Glass Necklace

18"L Ornate Silver Floral Framed Oval Roman Glass Necklace

Aurora Ancient Roman Glass Bracelet

$427.00 $249.00
Ancient Roman Glass 14/20 Gold-Filled Woven Chain Bracelet

Aurora Ancient Roman Glass Necklace

Textured Edge Ancient Roman Glass Circle Pendant Necklace

Dido Roman Glass Circle Drop Earrings

Ancient Roman Glass French Wire Circle Drop Earrings

Eos Square Roman Glass Ring

Ornate Large Square Roman Glass Sterling Silver Ring

Eris Roman Glass Rounded Square Pendant Necklace

Ancient Roman Glass Rounded Square Pendant Sterling Silver Necklace

Flora Reversible Roman Glass and Flower Necklace

Reversible Ancient Roman Glass and Flower Design Necklace

Iris Roman Glass Pear Drop Earrings

Ancient Roman Glass Sterling Silver Pear Drop Earrings

Juno Gold-wrapped Ancient Roman Glass Ring

Juno Gold-wrapped Two-Tone Ancient Roman Glass Ring

Maia Roman Glass Cut-Out Teardrop Earrings

Roman Glass Pear Drop and Cut Out Design Silver Earrings

Maia Roman Glass Cut-Out Teardrop Necklace

Roman Glass Pear Drop and Cut Out Design Silver Pendant Necklace

Minerva Oval Roman Glass Necklace

Oxidized Silver & Large Oval Roman Glass Statement Necklace

Nona Ancient Roman Glass Necklace

14/20 Gold Filled Woven Ancient Roman Glass Necklace

Nona Woven Silver Ancient Roman Glass Marquise Necklace

Woven Silver Wire Mesh Ancient Roman Glass Marquise Shaped Pendant Necklace

Oval Cross Rope Filigree Necklace

Oval Ancient Roman Glass Cut-out Cross Necklace

Persephone Triple Loop Roman Glass Earrings

Ancient Roman Glass Oxidized Silver Triple Outline Wire Earrings

Psyche Large Oval Roman Glass Ring

Textured and Oxidized Silver Oval Roman Glass Statement Ring

Roman Glass Ring Set

Oxidized Two-Piece Ancient Roman Glass Ring Set

Silver Bead & Roman Glass Pear Drop Earrings

Bead Design Ancient Roman Glass Sterling Silver Teardrop Earrings

Terra Oval Roman Glass Necklace

18" Oval Roman Glass with Wire Design Necklace

Two-Tone Roman Glass Spin Ring

Two-Tone Silver and Rose Gold Roman Glass Spinner Ring

Venus Roman Glass Drop Earrings

Polished Pear Ancient Roman Glass Drop Earrings