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Alena Teardrop Crystal Earrings

Alena Teardrop Crystal Earrings available in Purple, Deep Plum, Pink, Siam Red, Dark Blue Steel, Light Blue and Iridescent Sand

Alena Teardrop Crystal Torch Pendant Necklace

Alena Teardrop 18kt. White Gold-plated Crystal Torch Pendant Necklace Available in Multiple Colors

Alessa Crystal Drop Earrings

Alessa Crystal Drop Earrings available in Iridescent Lilac, Topaz Brown, Siam Red, and Sky Blue

Alexys Modern Dangle Earrings

Modern Dangle 18kt. White Gold-plated Crystal Earrings Available in Light Blue, Red, Fuchsia, Sand, Iridescent Clear, Light Pink and Teal Blue.

Cailey Crystal Drop Earrings

Cailey Crystal Dangle 18kt. Gold-plated Earrings Available in Red, Purple, Light Blue and Iridescent Sand

Cleo Vintage Crystal Earrings

Cleo Round Crystal Drop 18kt. White Gold-plated Earrings in Navy, Clear, Green or Red

Crystal Disco Bangles

Crystal Disco CZ Covered Hinge Bangles Available in Lipstick Red, Golden Amber, and Multicolor

Garden Party Drop Earrings

Garden Party Drop Earrings available in Rose Gold with Multicolor, or White Gold with Clear or Peach Accents

Garnet and Tassel Double Strand Bracelet

Double Strand Bracelet with Garnet and a Tassel

Garnet Bead Necklace

Faceted Garnet Bead Necklace - January Birthstone

Gold Diona Dot Earrings

18kt. Gold-plated Diona Dot Stud Earrings Available in Aquamarine, Light Blue, Red, Pink, and Crystal Clear

Helena Crystal Teardrop Necklace

Helena Crystal Teardrop Necklace available in Aquamarine Blue, Light Blue, Iridescent Sand, Red, and Pink

Imerovigli Crystal Teardrop Earrings

18kt. White Gold-plated Imerovigli Crystal Teardrop Earrings available in Dark Steel Blue, Light Blue, Red, Iridescent Sand, and Pink

Infinity Crystal Dangle Earrings

Infinity Crystal 18kt. White Gold Dangle Earrings Available in Clear, Light Blue, Purple, Green, and Red.

Kamari Snakeskin Double Loop Dangle Earrings

Burgundy Snakeskin Double Loop Dangle Earrings

Lena Crystal Drop Earrings

Lena Crystal Drop 18kt. White Gold-plated Earrings Available in Dark Steel Blue, Light Blue, Crystal Clear, Red and Clear with Black

Lilika Lariat Necklace

Lilika 18kt. White Gold-plated Crystal Lariat Necklace Available in a Rainbow of Colors

Phoebe Crystal Pendant Necklace

Phoebe Crystal Pendant Necklace available in Pink, Light Blue, Aquamarine, Purple, Red or Iridescent Sand

Rainbow Zen Beaded Bracelet

Double Strand 14 Karat Gold Plated Multi-stone Bracelet with Hamsa Charm

Raine Diamond Drop Pendant Earrings

Vintage Style Raine Diamond-Shaped Drop Earrings Available in Clear Iridescent, Silk, Crystal Clear and Siam Red.

Raine Diamond Drop Pendant Necklace

Vintage Style Raine Diamond Shaped Drop Pendant Necklace

Ray of Light Crystal Earrings

Ray of Light Crystal Earrings available in Sunset Orange, Crystal Clear, Iridescent Green, Siam Red and Sky Blue

Red Coral Bead Stretch Bracelet

$21.00 $16.00
Red Coral Bead Stretch Bracelet

Vanessa Iridescent Crystal Earrings

Vanessa Swarovski Crystal Earrings available in Light Blue, Iridescent Sand, Siam Red, Pink, and Purple

White Wood Bead Stretch Bracelet

$18.00 $15.00
White Wood Bead Stretch Fashion Bracelet

Zona Crystal Circle Drop Earrings

Zona Crystal Circle Drop Earrings available in Aquamarine Blue, Silk, Charcoal, and Red